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State of the Art Recording Equipment at Low Tide Studio


8 core Mac Pro – 2 Intel quad core Nehalem processors, 20 Gb DDR3 RAM

Quad core Macbook Pro – 6Gb DDR3 RAM for location work

Console: Allen & Heath GS-R24m

Monitors: Yamaha NS-10s , Dynaudio BM6As

DAWs: Pro Tools 10.3 native, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 12

Plugins:  if I don’t have it, I will pay good money to get it for your project…within reason.

ADAT: Alesis ADAT HD24

HD Recorder: Alesis Masterlink

Furman HDS -6 / 3 HR-6 : 4 independent headphone mixes

Mic Pres: 24x Allen & Heath, Vintech X73i , Universal Audio 2 – 610 Tube Preamplifier

Compressors: Warm Audio WA-76 Limiting Amplifier (1176 clone) , Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor , DBX 160

2 Yamaha Compressor/Limiters GC2020Bs

Gates: USAudio Gatex, dbx Project 1 expander/gate 274

FX units: Alesis Microverb 4, 2 Yamaha SPX90IIs, t.c.electronic Finalizer Plus


10 Shure Sm57s
1 Shure Sm Beta 58
1 Shure SM Beta 58A
1 Shure Sm Beta 57
2 SM81s
2 AKG 414 B ULS
2 AKG C1000s
1 AKG C3000
2 Little Blondies (Sahe Audio)
1 Shure Ksm 44
1 Rode Nt1

1 Rode Nt2

1 AKG D-112
1 Cascade Fathead
1 Cascade Vin Jet
1 Shure SM-7b
1 Sennheiser 421

Instruments: Ask us about our extensive acoustic and electric guitar collection.

keys: Yamaha Motif 6, Hammond XK-2, Yamaha DX-7, Moog Opus 3

drums: 5 piece maple Yamaha Recording Customs, Zildjian K series 16″ light crash, 18″ crash, and 20″ hybrid ride ; various Sabian crashes ; Zildjian A Custom 15″ hight hats

misc: Kala Ukulele, Mandolin (model A), Congas,  and ear candy

drum machines: Roland Rhythm Composer TR-808, extensive sample library of over 40 vintage drum machines. all samples at 48 /24 clean, perfect envelops.

midi controllers: Akai MPD18, (aforementioned keyboards) , M-Audio Oxygen 49

We have a great network of artists, producers and engineers. We are always happy to use a favor and find anything you might need (within reason) that we don’t have.